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        • Tel:0510-86010990
        • Phone:13057310290
        • E-mail:jiangyinliugong@163.com
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        Jiangyin Chengliu Machinery Co.,Ltd.is located in Yunting Street,Jiangyin. Company neighbor Liugong Wuxi Road Machinery Co.,Ltd.has be richly endowed by nature geographical advantage. The company specializes in providing Liugong Rollers, Wheel Loaders, Excavators, Road Graders, Pavers, Forklifts, Bulldozers and other Liugong parts. At the same time provide XCMG, Changlin, ZF, Shangchai, Cummings and other brand machine and accessories service.

         Our company has always been in good faith-based principles, to help customers solve problems for office, so that our company has won good reputation in the customer engineering machinery industry. Jiangyin Chengliu machinery is willing to work with you to the good faith management, the basis of win-win cooperation and common development.
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        Address:No.156,Meng Jiavillage,Yunting Street,Jiangyin
        Tel:0510-86010990   Mobile:13057310290   Email:jiangyinliugong@163.com
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